Project N. 49/49   India, 2001

St Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Kovalam

The first educational project in India

The first and largest series of projects began in Covelong, known locally as Kovalam. A small pre-existing basic school site where pupils ate and slept in the open bare ground, has now been transformed into a highly successful educational compound. Major purpose-built  structures have been built since 2001.

Almost 3,000 pupils (age range 3 yrs – 18 yrs), mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds are educated and cared for annually.

Although administered by Catholic Priests, the schools offer a multi-faith education in Tamil and English to Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

St Joseph Senior High School consists of 4 substantial buildings – including a technical learning centre, a fully equipped chemistry laboratory, a library and computer studies facilities.

There are over 50 classrooms with just over 2,200 boys and girls (age range 11 yrs – 18 yrs) receiving a full education in Tamil, English teaching of subjects is available to some students.


Statistics Analysis of Students in Kovalam

Students who continued to higher education


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