Project N. 43/49   India, 2004

Alfredo Cuomo Scholarship Programme

The Alfredo Cuomo Scholarship Programme was founded in 2004 in Kovalam, Tamil Nadu

The Scholarship Programme was founded by Alfredo Cuomo in 2004 in Kovalam to assist young gifted students, attending the Cuomo Foundation school, to continue their studies at colleges and universities. Alfredo Cuomo, had been a recipient of the international Fulbright Scholarship programme, which had enabled him as a young student to develop his own academic potential.

The scholarship provides each student with financial funding to help support their chosen field of study. In addition, workshops, seminars and field trips are organised for their benefit.

Awarded annually at the start of the academic year to a number of boys and girls in their final senior year. Selection is decided by the Foundation, working in collaboration with the school masters and the parish priests and is based on the academic potential, merit and economic situation of the individual student.

The scholarship was extended to be available to the senior students in Sendivakkam and K.G. Kandigai in 2007.

Over 250 students have benefited from these life-changing awards and a large percentage are now gainfully employed in various professional areas such as engineering, catering, nursing, teaching, dentistry, medicine and management.

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