Project N. 40/49   India, 2005

Alfredo Cuomo Higher Secondary School, Sendivakkam

The second educational project in Tamil Nadu

The R.C. Higher Sec School was completed in 2005, it was renamed in memoriam "Alfredo Cuomo R.C. Higher Sec School" in 2013. A highly successful purpose-built school has been established with over 15 large classrooms, a library, computer studies facilities and fully equipped biology, chemistry and physics laboratories. Approximately 750 boys and girls attend (age range 11-18 yrs).

An additional school building with extra classrooms and facilities was completed in early 2008, able to accommodate a further 300 students. All subjects are taught in Tamil, teaching of subjects in English is also available to some students.

In 2015 an additional covered outdoor pavilion was built to allow a study and resting area for the pupils.

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