Project N. 48/49   Italy, 2001

Hobart Method, The Dance Therapy

The Hobart Method® is a form of dance therapy for diversely-abled children and adults

Dance, as an artistic discipline, is a unique way of bringing out non-verbal expressive qualities in diversely-abled as well as the abled person.

The Hobart Method was formulated by Gillian Hobart, well-known dancer and distinguished teacher, guest teacher for modern dance at the National Academy of Dance (Rome), the Syndicated Centre for Dance (Rome) and the Regional Centre of Dance (Perfection Course) in Reggio Emilia; she is also a Counselor in the Psychotherapeutic method of Carl Rogers at the Italian Centre for Clinical Psychology in Rome.

The Hobart Method was developed to focus particularly on the diversely-abled, giving support to a wide range of therapy and its use in the understanding of the body. Its innate ability for personal expression in defense of the non-verbal and physically disadvantaged person, brings about a better relationship with others and ‘know oneself through dance’.

The first positive results of the Hobart Method were evolved and developed at the Association for Assistance and Social Integration (AAIS) in Bracciano, the Cooperative for Solidarity in Ladispoli, and at the Movimento Centrale Dance & Theatre in Rimini. It was also applied in state schools in Emilia-Romagna, focusing on mixed classes presenting aggressiveness, Down’s Syndrome and familial violence.

Throughout the study course, emphasis is also placed on musical appreciation, fundamental to the successful outcome of the body-mind unity.

The Foundation has supported the Hobart Method at Movimento Centrale Centre since 2001.

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