Project N. 33/49   Burkina Faso, 2008

Dairy Farm in Gorom-Gorom

An individual project in the region of Oudalan

Hamadine Sidi Ahmed has been a farmer for over 20 years in Gorom-Gorom, a busy market town and the capital of the Oudalan Province in the north of Burkino Faso. In 2003 he decided to focus on producing milk products and set up his own dairy farm with a herd of 20 dairy cattle. His desire to improve his business and better manage productivity led him to request the support of the Cuomo Foundation in his ventures. 

Since 2008, the Foundation has supported the dairy by the construction of a fully functioning dairy shed to optimize the cows’ health and fertility. This action plus support of additional equipment has allowed the dairy to expand, improve efficiency and productivity. In addition, it has allowed Hamadine Sidi Ahmed to employ more local men and train young apprentices in dairy cattle management.

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