News N. 0/121   18/11/2015

The Cuomo Foundation and Roma International Piano Competition

The 25th Roma International Piano Competition held its finale concert and award ceremony at the Auditorium della Conciliazione, Rome on the 14th November.

The Foundation has been the main sponsor of this prestigious classical event for the last 10 years. Under the direction of its founder Marcella Crudeli, the event has grown in size and stature. This year, 170 recitalists from over 70 countries competed for the top 7 category awards.

The finale concert was the highlight of the competition which was held for over two weeks at the 15th Century Chiostro di S. Giovanni Battista de' Genovese.

This year’s special celebrations were attended by members of the Cuomo Foundation and by its president Maria Elena Cuomo.

An anthem—written, composed and performed by maestro Marcella Crudeli and accompanied by the young soprano Eleonora Zepponi, to pay tribute to the support over the years from the Cuomo Foundation, was premiered during the award ceremony.

The Winners List
  • Grand Chopin 1st Prize (under 35yrs. of age)
    Evgeny Starodubtsev (b.1981, Russia)
  • Grand Chopin 2nd Prize
    Danilo Mascetti (b.1992, Italy)
  • Grand Chopin 3rd Prize 
    François-Xavier Poizat (b.1989, Switzerland)
  • Two-piano Duet Prize
    Aleksandra Sobon-Wakarecy (b.1985, Poland)
    Pawel Wakarecy (b.1987, Poland)
  • Four Hands Duet Prize
    Ksenia Kemova (b.1988, Russia)
    Olga Kemova (b.1993, Russia)
  • Soloist B Prize (under 25yrs. of age)
    Alisa Stekolshchikova (b.1990, Russia)
  • Soloist A Prize (under 20yrs. of age)
    Xing Chang (b.2002, China)



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